When I first started drinking, I was sure that was the game, drinking!

Drink. Get drunk. Fall down. Get up, try again next week.

That was the game back in the day, and if you managed to sneak past your parents bedroom and not get caught, you win!


Oh how times have changed


My first year of college the drinking game of choice was “Evil Bowl“. Basically, a game of “High and Low” where everyone flipped over a playing card and whoever gets the lowest score had to chug, not that exciting really.

But…if a King was flipped over you had to pour half your drink into the bowl in the middle of the circle. It might be whiskey, wine, cream liqueur…and then the final King would flip over and whoever flipped it had to pour their remaining drink, usually beer, into the bowl… and chug the lot. Boom!

Nowadays, there are so many different drinking games to play. They usually involve cards, dice, some magic riddle or of course the timeless pong. Gotta love the pong.

But, little do we know that the first ever recorded drinking game, called Kottabos, dates back to Ancient Greece in the 4th-5th Century,

In this game, the rowdy mob would fling the remnants of their cup, known as “Dregs” across the room at targets. Rules were rather simple: whoever hit the targets won.

Hold on! Where’s the chugging? What a waste of good booze. The Ancient Greeks might have invented the immortal toga party, but throwing drinks across the room instead of directly into your face hole seems a little counter productive, to say the least.

On the other end of the spectrum was “The 100 Club“. Where a select few attempt to have a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. Sounds like a breeze doesn’t it? Yeah right!

There is a reason it’s a club of only the most highly conditioned, booze gladiators. I know what you’re thinking, you think it’s you. Trust me…it’s not. It’s okay, it’s not me either, and I’m okay with that.


Drinking games, how they are now


It’s now 2019 and drinking games are not about absolute annihilation, it’s about a good laugh. A great time and potentially ruining friendships with quick fire insults and ludicrous tasks. The new kid on the block is a card game called “The Divine“. Named so, because the cards dictate the rules, everyone is at the mercy of the deck, no-one is safe.

It’s a simple set up, start with three or more friends in a circle. Add the special custom deck of cards to the middle of the circle, drinks at the ready and once the first card is drawn… it’s game on!

A lot of different card “types” are a part of this game:

For example action cards where everyone is forced into an mission whether they like it or not rule the landscape, and if anyone misses a beat. Drink! My personal favorite is the “Pile Driver”, who doesn’t love a good dog-pile of people anyway.

Next up is global rule cards, for example, they force everyone to stand up until saved by a card that stops the madness, and starts another. You mess up, you guessed it. Drink!
A lot of other special cards, doing a lot of other cool stuff, and you guessed it…Drink!

I gotta tell you this new edition of “The Divine” is off the hook, but hey, don’t take my word for it.

You can soon check it out for yourself (pre-launch is now open).

But, be warned and if you don’t heed my warning… DRINK!

See you in the circle.