An amazing deck with 90 unique cards to make every night the best night.

The Divine: Second Edition

A Card Based Drinking Game

After a successful funding campaign that reached over 220% and dozens of countries in the first edition,

we are now getting ready to produce the second edition on an even bigger scale.

Get ready, more information coming soon!

Drinking Game Surprise

Get Funky With 90 Unique Cards

With the drinking game containing this many cards and all the crazy combinations you can think of, not one round will look like another one.

From rules to trick cards to all kinds of missions; getting drunk was never this interesting!

Drinking Game Disco Ball

Always A Great Party

A great night with friends you barely want to remember? Our drinking game has you covered!

Want to make the first move on that pretty girl or guy you like? Invite them for a night of The Divine!

Want to impress your boss to get that promotion? This game is probably not the best idea but we won’t judge!

Drinking Game Glasses

All Kinds Of Drinks

Whether you are more of a wine drinker, shot guzzler or beer fanatic, we do not discriminate.

All kinds of (non-)alcoholic drinks are welcome!

So get your drinks ready, get your friends ready and let’s have some fun.

Love from our previous customers


I have fond memories of starting a game of The Divine with my friends, and then blacking out at the end of the night because this game is always testing your limits.

It’s one thing to drink because you forgot to mimic a train during laughter, but it’s another to take 6 shots because the person in front of you looked you in the eyes, and everyone else just thinks you haven’t had enough. Great drinking game, but play with caution.

Kevin S.

First Edition Supporter & Experienced Player

Amazing drinking game to break the ice with new friends, or reaching deeper connections with your close ones. Great for both a quick drink, and getting absolutely smashed.

I’ve introduced The Divine to multiple groups of people and it’s never failed to light up the room.

Ian B.

English Drinking Hero

The Divine isn’t just great for getting as drunk as you possibly can. It is also the perfect way to have fun, let loose and get to know your friends better.

From having to compliment the person next to you, to have to tell a secret nobody knows about, I guarantee you this drinking game will have you laughing so much, your abs will hurt the next day.

Marijke v/d A.

Most Honorable "Pile Driver" Victim

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